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The Kit Of Cosmetics For Shoes Crep Protect CP1006

Ultimate Shoe Care Pack is your personal beauty salon for sneakers! The kit has got everything your shoes need.
The kit includes:
1. Protective spray
Spray was made of a unique blend of ingredients, based on nanotechnology. Its formula makes the liquid not seep into the sprayed material. It is designed to protect the suede skin, nubuck and textile material.
Capacity: 200ml
2. Cleaning fluid
The cleaner is designed for cleaning footwear, which was produced basing on natural ingredients. Package is enough for over 50 pairs of sneakers!
Capacity: 100ml
3. Premium brush
Made with over 17 000 natural hairs. The mixture of shorter and longer bristles gives even better results. The brush is ideal for delicate materials as well.
4. Microfibre cloth
Extremely soft and absorbent, ideal for shoe care.
5. Wipes x 6
Cotton wipes are great for travel due to their small size. They have 2 sides – smooth and textured, allowing you to quickly refresh the shoes and remove larger dirt. Wipes leave pleasant smell on shoes.

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